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Ikelite Port for G9 and UWL-100

I bought an Inon UWL-100 lens with the extra dome to get nice wide pictures with my Canon G9 and my Ikelite housing.

I have the "wide-port" witch is shorter than the original port to get rid of the vingetting. I attached the UWL-100 and dome and took some test pictures in the bathtub. I got really disappointed that my new side setup was not very sharp except in the middle of the picture.


This is a picture in my bathtub with the original Ikelite port. The picture is taken with f/2.8.

As you can see the sides and specially the corners are not very sharp but the center is in focus. There are also some minor vinjetting.

100Crop This is a crop of the lower left corner and it is very out of focus.

I did some experiments and got to the conclusion that the UWL-100 was too far away from the camera lens. Even the short port was too long and due to the fact that you need a glass in the port made it impossible to get the camera lens close enough to the UWL-100.

I then got the idea that I would make a port without a glass so that the camera lens could be just a few millimeters from the UWL-100. The port would seal against the UWL-100 and the Ikelite housing so that would eliminate the need for glass.

I measured the distance between the camera lens and the housing and it was almost flush with the outer casing of the Ikelite house. This would mean that the UWL-100 would be just 2-3 millimeters away from the housing and this required some precise machining.

This is my home made port. There is no glass. It will seal against the housing and against the UWL-100. This will of course work without the dome as well.
Here are the UWL-100 and dome mounted on my Ikelite house using my own port.

Now the port was ready for the ultimate test in the bathtub. I tried it first without the camera... No water was entering the camera house.

I tried to take similar pictures as I did before with the original Ikelite port.

The same scene with my own port in the bathtub. This is also taken using f/2.8 and a little better white balance.
This is the lower left corner and the image is almost as sharp as in the middle.