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LED Divelight

This is a relative new project and is only in the design phase.

The idea is to use 7 Seoul P4 led’s and a narrow lens to get a narrow and focused beam. My initial tests with one led is that I hope to get about 30.000 lux at one meter distance using 7 led’s at 1000mA.

I tried using a 7-lens cluster with 7 led’s at 1000mA but this cluster lens was very ineffective. I only got about 4500 lux at one meter compared to 5000 lux with only one led using the larger lens.

Here are some pictures from the experiments:

Seven led's on a custom made circuit board. The led’s are arranged to fit the cluster lens witch was a disappointment.

The cluster lens. With this lens you get the same amount of light from 7 led’s as you get using one led and a large single lens.

The large lens placed on the center led. This is the way to go. I will have to make a new circuit board to use this lens for all seven led's.